7 Secrets to Learn Russian Fast

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RussianMadeEasy.com #10 – Cumulative Test

This episode is a cumulative test of everything you’ve been learning in the first nine episodes of Russian Made Easy. You’ll be amazed at how much you’ve learned to say and understand in Russian.

RussianMadeEasy.com #9 – The right way to learn Russian verb conjugations

RussianMadeEasy.com – Mark explains the right way to learn Russian verb conjugations.

RussianMadeEasy.com #8 – Mark shows you casual Russian speech.

RussianMadeEasy.com – Since you’ll mostly likely be talking to Russian friends, Mark shows you casual Russian speech.  And you’ll master one of the most common cases in Russian grammar.

RussianMadeEasy.com #7 – Ordering in restaurants and clever trick for improving your Russian skills.

RussianMadeEasy.com –  Picking up where episode 6 left off…ordering food in a Russian restaurant. You’ll also learn a clever trick for improving your Russian skills.

RussianMadeEasy.com #6 – Order food and drinks and learn a Russian fluency trick

RussianMadeEasy.com – Mark shows you the real way to order food and drinks in Russian. You’ll also learn what a construction is, and how it can turn you into a fluent speaker of Russian!

RussianMadeEasy.com #5 – More speaking practice and an expert memorization technique

RussianMadeEasy.com – Mark shares the technique used by language learners and memory experts across the globe. He calls them PowerPhrases, but by any name, mnemonic devices are an important tool for learning Russian.

RussianMadeEasy.com #4 – Breakdown of one of the toughest Russian words

RussianMadeEasy.com – The Russian word for “Hello” is one of the toughest words in Russian, but Mark breaks it down for you into small, easy pieces. You’ll also learn an old-school technique for mastering

RussianMadeEasy.com #3 – Learn Nationalities in Russian and learn the big pronunciation myth.

RussianMadeEasy.com – Along with learning the Russian word for American, Australian, British and Canadian, Mark dispels the biggest myth about Russian pronunciation, and takes aim at those who critique your pronunciation.

RussianMadeEasy.com #2 – My and your in Russian and the secret to Russian grammar

RussianMadeEasy.com  – How to say my in Russian, and how to say your in Russian, plus common Russian foods. In this second podcast, you’ll learn one of the secrets of Russian grammar: It’s a

RussianMadeEasy.com #1 – Mark introduces two speed learning techniques for Russian

Mark introduces two speed-learning techniques you will be using throughout this audio course . Using cognates and contextual learning, you will easily learn to tell others about you, your family, and occupations in Russian.