Media Center Episode 12

Podcast Ep. 12 Vid. 1

Can you translate this?

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Блины! — Я люблю блины!
Pancakes! I love pancakes!

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Podcast Ep. 12 Vid. 2

The city being mentioned here is pretty obvious, but can you spot it in its “doing something to it” form?

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Одесса: Город построен французами, итальянцами, греками…а живём в нём мы. Одессты.
Odeesa: The city was built by the French, by Italians, by Greeks…but we’re the ones living in it. Odessans.

Мама я хочу в Одессу
Mama, I want (to go) to Odessa.

Ах Одесса ой Одесса мама
Oh Odessa, oi Odessa Mama

Пацаны всё чисто без обмана
Guys, everything is clean and without deceit

С моря дует свежий ветерок
From the sea blows a fresh breeze

Ех Одесса славный городок
Eh Odessa, a glorious town

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Podcast Ep. 12 Vid. 3

Speaking of songs…The city featured in this one is also pretty obvious. And once he (Johhny Boy) starts singing, you should understand all his words.

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Москва, Москва…моя моя моя Москва.
Moscow…my Moscow.

Привет Москва…
Hi Moscow…

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Podcast Ep. 12 Vid. 4

This woman is giving a tour of her city. Where is she, and (for fun) can you catch the name of the secret restaurant she’s taking us to?

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Всем привет, Ребята! Сейчас я нахожусь в Санкт-Петербурге и направляемся мы вместе с вами в секретный ресторан “АПТЕКА.”
Hi to everyone, guys! I’m now located in St. Petersburg and we’re headed together with you guys to a secret restaurant (called) “The Pharmacy.”

SNEAK PREVIEW: In Ep. #14 we learn a very important grammar point, which is nicely demonstrated here: Since she is located in St. Petersburg, she must add that “yeh” sound at the end. (Look for that in Ep 14)

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Podcast Ep. 12 Vid. 5

Here’s another city tour. This one is long…six clips strung together here. In the first five, just listen for the city’s name. (It will of course have different endings, depending on the phrase.) The last clip is a nicely shot tour of the city itself. Enjoy!

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А сейчас, вот, я в основном живу в Киеве уже последние 18 лет…
And now, well, I basically live in Kiev for the last 18 years …

…даже изучая историю Украины в школе а о Киеве, знаю мало…ну, скорее всего забыл…
…even studying the history of Ukraine in school, but about Kiev I know little…well, more likely I forgot…

…с Максимом и Арсением, которые нам показывают Киев
…with Maxim and Arsenia, who are gonna show us Kiev

Центр города Киева, особенно будный день, это сплошная парковка
Th center of Kiev, especially on a weekday, is an endless parkinglot…

Мы с вами находимся в центре Киева, идём на Андрейский Спуск…
We are located in the center of Kiev, (and) are going to Andrei’s Descent…

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Podcast Ep. 12 Vid. 6

Wild guess the name of this song?

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Я тебя люблю, тебя люблю.
I love you

Скажи мне: “Я тебя люблю, тебя люблю”.
Tell me, “I love you”

И чтобы не случилось в этом мире –
And no matter what happens in this world –

Твоя прописка в моей квартире
(I hope) You live in my apartment

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Podcast Ep. 12 Vid. 7

Can you translate all three parts of this TRANSFORMERS clip?

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Меня зовут Сэм Уитвики. Мам, Пап…я вас люблю. Моджо..я люблю тебя.
My name is Sam Witwicky. Mom, Dad…I love you guys. Mojo (his dog)…I love you.

NOTE: He uses the plural “вас” when talking to his parents, and the singular (informal) “тебя” when talking to his dog.

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Podcast Ep. 12 Vid. 8

Hank wants to know who made the car silver colored. So out pops Cousin Puzir…

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Это я!
It’s I (who did it)!

Пузырь? Я люблю тебя!
Puzir? I love you!

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