Media Center Episode 13

Podcast Ep. 13 Vid. 1

Did you know they re-made the sitcom MARRIED WITH CHILDREN? That is, they hired Russian writers and actors, and refilmed every episode in Russian. (This as opposed to simply dubbing the original U.S. version.) And here’s a clip. Spot a new word?
(NOTE: БАРОН (Baron) is the name of their dog.)

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Всё. Пошли. Барона здесь нет. Пошли.
That’s it. Let’s go. Baron’s not here. Let’s go.

Как нет? Посмотри вниз, придурок.
How no? (Meaning: How am I not here??) Look down, moron.

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Podcast Ep. 13 Vid. 2

This clip has two new words from Ep #13. an you spot them both?

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Ладно, пошли чай пить.
Fine, let’s go drink tea.

Какой чай?! Собирайся. Нас ждут.
What tea? Get ready! They’re waiting for us!
LIT: Which tea? Gather-yourself. They’re waiting (for) us!

Where (are we going)?

Ну, ты даёшь! У Бори день рождения сегодня.
Only you could be like this! Boria has a birthday today.

Ой, Господи. Я забыла.
Oh, Lord. I forgot.

If you take our Russian Accelerator course, you will understand (and be able to correctly use) every word and expression in this. In virtually all of these clips.

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Podcast Ep. 13 Vid. 3

РЕЙС = a trip, in the sense of a booked passage on a vehicle (so it could mean a “flight” a “voyage” a “cruise” etc)
Knowing that (and knowing that these guys live in Odessa), can you translate this clip?

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Я ухожу.
I’m leaving.

Ага, ага. А куда, если не секрет?
Mmm-hm. Where to, if it’s not a secret?

В рейс ухожу.
I’m leaving to (go on a) cruise.

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Podcast Ep. 13 Vid. 4

She’s being invited out. Can you spot where to?

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Алло? Привет. Нет, я ничего не делаю. В парк на роликах? Отлично. Всё. Договорились. Буду через пять минут. Пока. Да. Через пять минут я точно не буду.
Hello? Hi. No, I’m not doing anything. To the park on roller skates? Excellent. That’s it. Agreed. I’ll be in five minutes. (We assume she means “I’ll be ready” or maybe “I’ll be outside”). Bye-bye. Yes. In five minutes I definitely won’t be.
(She means, Yeah, for sure I won’t be ready in five minutes.)

Ничего себе! Так ты американец?!
Wow! So you’re an American?

Ха! Ну, извини. Так получилось. Но мама у меня русская.
Ha! Well, sorry. It (just) worked out that way. But my Mom is Russian.

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Podcast Ep. 13 Vid. 5

Where is he going after work?

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Так, девушки. Я сегодня после работы зайду в магазин. Все написали всё, что нуэно?
So, girls. I today after work will pop in to the store. Did everyone write everything that (they) need?


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