Media Center Episode 16

Podcast Ep. 16 Vid. 1

Max was just elected President of his class, but he doesn’t want to actually do anything. So when his sister suggests a list of action…

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Стоп стоп стоп! Это работа!
Stop, stop, stop! This is work!

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Podcast Ep. 16 Vid. 2

She’s asking him what’s more important to him. Can you guess the two things she’s comparing?

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Милый, ну что тебе важнее, твоя работа или твой ребёнок?
Sweetie, well what’s more important to you, your work or your child?

Конечно….конечно ребёнок.
Of course the child.

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Podcast Ep. 16 Vid. 3

Can you spot a new word from today’s episode? (It comes early but I let the clip run a bit. There’s a few other words in there you should be able to spot.)

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Вы страховая компания?
Are you the insurance company?

Что я должен подписать?
What should I sign?

А вот он, знакомьтесь.
Here it is. Familiarize yourself (with it).

(taking a look) Так. Шестьдесят-семь тысяч рублей? Вообще-то я думал что будет больше!
So. 67 thousand rubles? In general I thought it will be more!

Ну, если хотите.
Well, if you want.



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Podcast Ep. 16 Vid. 4

Just as we do in English, Russian speakers also use the word to mean “group of people” (usually friends). Listen…

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Интересно. Так…где они?
Interesting. So…where are they?


Девочки. Клео и компания?
The girls. Cleo and compamy.

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Podcast Ep. 16 Vid. 5

The guy asks his friend if he’s even worked with the electricity meter. He responds by saying where he works…

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А за счёт туда не лазил, что ли?
Haven’t you climbed in there for the meter reading?

Да, я в банке работаю а не электриком!
Yes, I work in a bank, not as an electrician!

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Podcast Ep. 16 Vid. 6

One of his subscribers copied (literally: “repeated”) something. What was it?

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…то что, ты повторил мой офис
..and the fact that you copied my office…

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