Media Center Episode 19

Podcast Ep. 19 Vid. 1

Can you catch a version of today’s main construction?

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Час, Никита….У тебя есть один час.
An hour, Nikita…You have one hour.

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Podcast Ep. 19 Vid. 2

Longer clip here. Can you spot that same construction again? (Here, Cleo is sharing her feelings with Louis. She explains…)

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Мне очень очень плохо, Луис.
I feel really really bad, Louis.

Эй! У тебя есть я.
Hey! You have me.
LIT: At you there-exists I.

I know.

Не знаю как это сказать, Луис.
I don’t know how to say this, Louis.

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Podcast Ep. 19 Vid. 3

Still on the hunt for our main construction…

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Привет, ребята!
Hi, guys!

Привет Коди! Что это у тебя?
Hi, Cody! What’s that you have?
LIT: What is this at you?

Карманые часы.
A pocket watch.

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Podcast Ep. 19 Vid. 4

A few seconds into this clip, the image flips over. In that gap, which we don’t see, he invites the person to meet him. With that in mind, can you translate this clip? (ЛУЧШЕ = better)

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Алло? Здравствуйте. Да, это я.
Hello? Greetings. Yes, it’s me.

(He asks if they can meet.) Нет, нет…не у меня. Лучше в парке. Или в ресторане.
No, not at my place. Better in the park, or in a restaurant.

NOTE: Recall that the Russian word “У” translates literally as “at.” So he’s saying literally, “Not at me.” (As in, let’s not meet at my place.)

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Podcast Ep. 19 Vid. 5

In this episode of ПАПАНЬКИ, Yigor is trying to solve a riddle from his son’s math book. “A donkey has, a dog has…”
All I want you to try is to count all the “У _____ ” phrases he says.

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There were seven:
У осла две. У курицы и у собаки три. У обезьяны четыре. Сколько у человека?
A donkey has two. A chicken and a dog have three. A money has four. How many does a person have?

Ещё раз: Осёл два. Собака и курица три. У обезьяны четыре. А у человека?
One more time: Donkey…two. Dog and chicken…three. A money has four. And a person has…?

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Podcast Ep. 19 Vid. 6

We watched this clip back in the clips fro Ep. #13. Now we add another layer of understanding.Can you, again, spot our “У ____” construction?

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Ладно, пошли чай пить.
Fine, let’s go drink tea.

Какой чай?! Собирайся. Нас ждут.
What tea? Get ready! They’re waiting for us!
LIT: Which tea? Gather-yourself. They’re waiting (for) us!

Where (are we going)?

Ну, ты даёшь! У Бори день рождения сегодня.
Only you could be like this! Boria (short for Boris) has a birthday today.

Ой, Господи. Я забыла.
Oh, Lord. I forgot.

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