Media Center Episode 26

Podcast Ep. 26 Vid. 1

What did he tell the gorillas?

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Я сказал, что Вы моя семья.
I said (to the gorilla), that you guys are my family.

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Podcast Ep. 26 Vid. 2

The robot named Blades says that the two most popular names for dogs are Макс (Max) and Дружок (Buddy). Can you get the gist of their conversation?

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Макс и Дружок.
Max and Buddy.

Кто сказал?
Who said (so)?

Интернет. Так что это правда.
The internet. And so it’s the truth.

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Podcast Ep. 26 Vid. 3

Pavlenko is always asking to leave work early, usually because his pregnant wife thinks she’s having contractions.
And again today he asks. (I cut out the part where he explains her contractions yet again.)
What does his boss say?

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Я сказал нет! Никаких пораньше!
I said no! No “early” (exits from work).

Серьёзно! Позвонила жена…
Seriously! My wife… (is feeling contractions and I need to take her to the hospital)

Слушай, Павленько. Она у тебя каждую нелею рожает. Сколько у вас уже детей? Штук десять?!
Listen, Pavlenko. She, at you, every week is giving birth. How many kids do you guys have? About ten pieces? (His choice of the word штука is what makes the clip hilarious.)

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Podcast Ep. 26 Vid. 4

Who does Vika want to go to the club with?

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Просто в общем я с Владом хотела пойти в клуб.
Simply in general I wanted to head out to a club with Vlad.

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Podcast Ep. 26 Vid. 5

Can you get his first line?

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Что ты хотела, Яночка?
What did you want, Yanochka?

Пап, я забыла тебе сказать Спокойной ночи.
Pop, I forgot to tell you Goodnight.

Спокойной ночи, солнышко.
Goodnight, sunshine. (Or: My little sun.)

Спокойной ночи, папочка. Пока.

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Podcast Ep. 26 Vid. 6

How much can you get here? (There’s one line that should be pretty easy.)

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Скажи: Тяжело переходить в новую школу?
Tell me: Is it hard to move to a new school?

Она хотела сказать Привет.
She wanted to say Hi.

Привет. Да, было тяжело.
Hi. Yes, it was hard.

Так, ты любишь рисовать?
So, you love to paint?


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