Media Center Episode 28

Podcast Ep. 28 Vid. 1

Who gave the kid (his name is Shurik) the cards?

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Это откуда?
These are from where?

Ух ты!


А это Папа дал.
Papa gave these.

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Podcast Ep. 28 Vid. 2

Along with translating this clip, I want you think of why they chose that particular word order.

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А какой подарок хочешь ты? — О. хороший!
And which present do you want? Oh, great!

They put “ты” last because that was the key word. In English, all we can do is emphasize the word, but grammatically we’re unable to put it last.

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Podcast Ep. 28 Vid. 3

We learned the Dative case in this lesson..that is, the recipient forms for people’s names.
So, what’s the dative case for the name “Jack Shepperd”? (As in: THis is for Jack Shepperd.)

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Джек. Жаль что ты мне не поверил.
Jack. It’s a shame you didn’t believe me.

Джеку Шепперду.
For Jack Shepperd.

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Podcast Ep. 28 Vid. 4

So, what’s the dative (recipient) form for the name Никита (Nikita)?

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Да, да…конечно.
Yes, yes, of course.

Никита всё таки молодец. Он настоящий друг. Нужно пойти, сказать ему спасибо.
Nikita all the same did great. He’s a genuine friend. (You) need to go and tell him thanks.

NOTE: She says “ему” incredibly fast, basically swallowing the word.

Кому? Никите? Не надо. Я уже сказал.
To whom? To Nikita? Not necessary. I already said (it).

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Podcast Ep. 28 Vid. 5

In the dative case, the names ПЕППА (Peppa) and ДЖОРДЖ (George) become….what?

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Пеппе нравится играть в маму Свинку.
Peppa likes to play Mama Pig. (LIt: TO PEPPA is pleasing…this is the dative case)

А Джорджу немного скучновато.
Whereas FOR GEORGE it’s a little boring.

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Podcast Ep. 28 Vid. 6

Again, with this clip we’re just trying to get a feel for how Russians use the dative (recipient) case.

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Это трудно?
Is this difficult? (He’s asking about ballet)

Мне было просто. А тебе, Джорджу и маме было бы очень трудно.
For me it was simple. Whereas for you, for George, and for Mom it would be very hard.

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